Hi Friends

I'm a lucky guy who loves to sing, travel, meet all kinds of people, to argue, to discuss about different things etc…………………….I've been told that I was born between the Sahara and Alaska. To be honest I couldn't care less when or where. I have no nationality and belong to no nation. After all a true musician doesn't have a boundary. I belong to Mother Nature who made me from ashes and dust and who knows when the day will come to go back to my roots. But in the mean time I will continue what I have been doing since four decades. During all those years I have met and sang with many stars, did lots of important and not so important shows and TV shows, events, unforgettable stage performances and many other things which belong to showbiz.

You certainly will understand that I'm very proud to tell you that I sold millions of records and got a few golden ones as well.

I'm sure you would love to have more details and gossip on my adventures, cars, girls, extravagances etc…………..etc……………..In this case I would suggest that you refer to the really big stars for spicy details. I'm only a singer who has never cheated his public and this public certainly knows who is for real and who is a fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish all of you a rocking happy future and if you have a family………stick to it!!!


P.S. A big thank you to my friend Moshe Fleisher for the conception and layout of my homepage.